Drug diversion prevention

Drug diversion is a rapidly growing issue in the US. The ASHP guidelines on preventing diversion of controlled substances have identified waste and returns as a common risk point for diversion. WasteLog™ provides a simple and effective way to monitor and safeguard discarded or returned controlled substances from high use areas.

Deter diversion of controlled substances

WasteLog™ is a device that manages the workflow by instantly analyzing the waste and returns of injectable controlled substances. Whether you are in the planning phase or have an established Drug Diversion Prevention Program, WasteLog™ can easily fit into your current workflow.

Discover broken medication chains

Injectable controlled substances that must be wasted or returned after a completed surgical procedure are susceptible to diversion. A quick test with WasteLog™ will instantly verify a solution’s identity and concentration, thereby ensuring that it has not been tampered with. WasteLog™ is a key component of any Drug Diversion Prevention Program and minimizes attempts to divert injectable controlled substances.

Key features of WasteLog™

  • Instant analysis of injectable controlled substances in 2–3 seconds
  • Instant on-screen result graphs available for qualitative analysis
  • New drug calibrations created on site
  • Low dose concentration analysis
  • Non-destructive, sample available for follow-up testing
  • The latest absorption spectroscopy technology used
  • Mobile for use between departments or facilities

How it works

1. Withdraw a small sample (0.3–0.5 ml) from the prepared solution.

2. Inject the sample solution into the cuvette.

3. Insert the cuvette into the WasteLog™ unit.

4. Initiate the test and view the result within 2–3 seconds.

Are all controlled substances returned or disposed of correctly? WasteLog™ provides the answers in seconds.

Thanks to the device’s unique combination of cutting-edge software and reliable, well-established hardware for absorption spectroscopy, WasteLog™ is a cost-effective tool for determining a solution’s validity quickly and with minimum effort. This ensures that controlled substances always end up at their intended destination.

Typical high risk/high use area workflow

Take your data further, discover malicious trends

Apart from instant validation to discover the immediate illicit handling of unused controlled substances, WasteLog™ measurement results can be transferred to any third-party analytics software already in place. This provides additional advanced trend analyses that help discover more elusive or sophisticated attempts at drug diversion.

Access data for review and analysis

Pharmacolog Dashboard™ provides remote access to a comprehensive overview of all pharmaceutical validations. From any computer, a drug diversion prevention manager can conveniently assess data from individual or multiple sites to identify trends and deviations indicative of drug tampering.

More about Pharmacolog Dashboard™

Why WasteLog™?

  • Efficient & effective tool for screening of controlled substances
  • Provides additional data into your data analytics software
  • Quick, reliable, easy to use and affordable
  • Key component of any drug diversion prevention program
  • No monthly subscriptions or limit on the number of tests per month
  • Compliance with ASHP recommended guidelines for random assaying of controlled substance waste

Illustration: Komson

The organization identifies specific high-risk CS medications that are randomly assayed, and procedures include random testing of waste from all high-risk or high-volume areas (eg, pharmacy sterile products preparation, surgery and anesthesia areas).
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, ASHP
The fact that we can test for very low doses of narcotic waste is a big plus for us having a dedicated pediatric unit.
Sushmita Shankar, Drug Diversion Specialist
SIH Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, Carbondale, IL, USA




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Pharmacolog Dashboard™

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Customer Story -
SIH Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, Carbondale, IL, U.S.

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White Paper -
ASHP Guidelines on Preventing Diversion, U.S.

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