The antibiotic project is granted clinical trial status

Uppsala University and the Academic Hospital in collaboration with Pharmacolog receive approval from the Ethics Examination Authority, during 2019 to conduct a clinical trial of method and technology for determining antibiotic concentration in blood in patients with severe infection.

Pharmacolog has for two years been conducting research and development cooperation with the Department of Surgical Sciences and the Department of Medical Sciences at Uppsala University regarding the development of methods and technology for quick assessment of the antibiotic concentration in blood during the treatment of severe infections. The collaboration has resulted in a clinical prototype and through the decision of the Ethics Review Authority it will be possible to test it in 2019 with samples from patients.

Proper antibiotic treatment with adequate dose is crucial for the treatment to have the intended effect. Today, the most common antibiotics are given in the same dose to patients with severe infections regardless of the patient’s weight, age or general condition. The antibiotic doses therefore risk becoming too high in some patients and too low in others. Since there are currently no methods for rapidly analyzing antibiotic concentration in the patients’ blood in routine care, a large proportion of patients are at risk of incorrect dosing and consequently, an ineffective treatment.

Hans Dahlin, Head of Research and Project Manager at Pharmacolog comments, “It is very gratifying that we received approval for clinical trial. Our long and fruitfull collaboration with Uppsala University and the Academic Hospital is now entering the next exciting phase, involving a sharp clinical trial of the developed prototype. It will be extremely exciting to move our work from the laboratory bench to a patient-close care environment in continued close collaboration with the research team at the Academic Hospital. “

Miklos Lipcsey, project coordinator, associate professor and anesthesiologist at Akademiska Sjukhuset comments, “Many of the healthcare challenges can be solved through research and innovation. Our collaboration with Pharmacolog is a very fine example of collaboration between healthcare, academia and biotech companies, where the latter develops a product that is now being tested in healthcare within the framework of a research study. The results of the study will be able to enable effective and individualized antibiotic treatment.”

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