A light in the tunnel

I dare say that many of us have experienced challenging times during the last 15 months, personally and professionally. We have all had to adapt to a new normal and find creative new ways to conduct business and socialize with friends and family. Now, as vaccination programs are being rolled out rapidly and societies opening up, we clearly see increased activity in the marketplace.

At Pharmacolog, we notice an increasingly improved situation at healthcare institutions all over the world. Investment plans that had to be postponed are being reopened and our customers, previously burdened with COVID-related tasks, are beginning to have more time to meet with us as well. Nevertheless, during the pandemic we have worked hard to develop new ways to support our customers and conduct business.

Successful installations without being onsite
They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. I have experienced that firsthand this year as I observed my team develop methods and create tools to successfully install, upgrade and service systems without being onsite. This not only shortens our response time, but also saves costs for our customers and our company. Much of this is possible because all our systems are designed with cloud services and to be serviced and upgraded remotely. In order to take full advantage of the technical capabilities, different preparations needed to be established, not only by the Pharmacolog team, but also by our customers. We were successful due to an attitude of collaboration and innovation by all parties involved.

This not only shortens our response time, but also saves costs for our customers and our company.

Even though we all hope that we can go back to business as it was before the pandemic, Pharmacolog will maintain many of the recently developed methods to demonstrate, install, train and provide service for our customers. In addition to a shorter response time and cost savings, these methods also contribute to lower carbon emissions and thus a healthier environment.

Installations in hospitals in Belgium, Germany, Texas and more
Business is improving, as our first quarterly report indicated. Sales during the first three months in 2021 had an almost tenfold increase compared to the corresponding period last year, and sales during the first quarter are already 30% higher than the total sales in 2020.

Our partner collaborations are keeping us busy with campaign planning and demo support. Long-standing leads that came to a standstill during the pandemic are now reopening.

We have installed our first DrugLog® in Belgium and increased our installed base in both Germany and France. In the US, WasteLog® is beginning to be seen as the gold standard for accurate and efficient waste screening, something that resulted in prestigious orders from UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas; Southern Illinois Healthcare Systems in Carbondale, Illinois; three additional units to NewYork Presbyterian and a new installation at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

We will continue to improve patient care worldwide
We are proud to offer three unique solutions: WasteLog®, PrepLog® and DrugLog®. These solutions are helping health care professionals work more efficiently and safely to provide high quality care for patients, especially during these challenging times when healthcare systems are strained.

The world’s hard-working and dedicated healthcare professionals deserve efficient tools to deliver the best possible care to their patients. The Pharmacolog team has done an excellent job refining our solutions for existing and new customers despite restrictions caused by the pandemic. We look forward to the remaining of 2021 and continuing to improve patient care worldwide.

We wish all of you a relaxing and COVID-free summer. After this very challenging time, we all need an opportunity to re-charge our batteries.

Stay safe.

Mats Högberg

Uppsala June 2021

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Photo: Göran Ekeberg

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