A Look at Pharmacolog and Their Products in the Diversion Monitoring Space – an interview by Terri Vidals

Terri Vidals, founder of Rxpert Solutions, has 30 years of experience as a hospital pharmacist. She has worked both in community hospital and teaching hospital settings as well as nursing home facilities. During that time, she gained experience in several clinical areas, and over the last 12 years, she has specialized in ensuring medication safety, managing pharmacy operations, and controlled substance diversion monitoring. She takes a very practical approach and believes all change must have a point and result in sustained improvement.

In an interview with Pharmacolog, Terri brings up essential aspects of drug diversion prevention.

See the interview here

Our solution WasteLog® minimizes attempts to divert injectable controlled substances and can easily fit into your current workflow. WasteLog® is a key component of any Drug Diversion Prevention Program.”

– Jeffrey Marton, Sales Director U.S. Market, Pharmacolog

To learn more about our analysis device, WasteLog® or how it can be incorporated into your automated monitoring program, please contact us here or stop by our booth for a demo at the NADDI Annual Conference in November.

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