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Great interest in Pharmacolog's latest development at EAHP

This blog post is based on an article published by Biostock in Swedish on April 1st, 2022.

March 23-25th, the annual EAHP Congress was held in Vienna, where pharmacists from all over the world gathered to discuss the latest findings in the industry. Uppsala-based Pharmacolog introduced several new products, which attracted great interest among the participants. BioStock contacted the company’s CEO, Mats Högberg, to learn more.

The medical technology company Pharmacolog develops products for quality control of drug preparations in healthcare. These products make it possible to quickly and easily verify that a drug preparation is correct in terms of substance and concentration, which reduces the risk of the patient receiving incorrect medication.

The importance of assisting staff as much as possible has become increasingly clear, especially with the strained situation of the pandemic for healthcare professionals. This was a theme at this year’s EAHP congress (European Association of Hospital Pharmacists). Also, the introduction of stricter regulations being introduced around the world regarding drug management naturally puts additional pressure on an already highly stressed profession. This is where Pharmacolog sees itself playing an important role.

You can read more about the increased requirements for drug quality here.

Several important new products presented during EAHP

This year’s EAHP Congress was the 26th congress and attracted over 1,900 pharmacists from 50 countries. Pharmacolog was also represented at the exhibition and took the opportunity to present some important new products.

Among other things, Pharmacolog Dashboard was introduced. Pharmacolog Dashboard is a web-based tool for monitoring and analyzing completed drug preparation measurements from a remote location. The idea is that, together with the systems DrugLog, PrepLog and WasteLog, Pharmacolog Dashboard will provide an overview of the hospital’s quality controls, in order to maximize patient safety and minimize the risk of narcotic drugs falling into the wrong hands.

With the Pharmacolog Dashboard, the user can obtain reports and statistics. Additionally, this new tool allows a senior pharmacist to remotely assist in complicated drug preparations. Pharmacolog Dashboard is currently scheduled to be launched during the second half of 2022.

Pharmacolog Dashboard attracted a lot of interest and appreciation. Being able to get a comprehensive overview of the quality control work related to the preparation of important medication makes it considerably easier for pharmacists working in hospital pharmacies.

New hardware platform to enable upscaling

Pharmacolog also presented PrepLog on a completely new hardware platform. The new platform has been developed primarily to enable production of larger volumes now that sales are starting to increase. This also ensures the future delivery of important components. The new hardware platform will be available for PrepLog in the second half of 2022 and will also be available for DrugLog and WasteLog at a later stage.

CEO comments

BioStock contacted Pharmacolog’s CEO, Mats Högberg, to learn more about the company’s participation at EAHP and the latest product news.

For those who were not present at the EAHP Congress in Vienna, what themes are currently being discussed in the European hospital pharmacy world?

– One theme that we particularly noted was the preparation of medicines for several patients at the same time. Pharmacies prepare a large amount of insulin, for example, in a certain concentration and then package it into smaller containers like syringes or infusion bags in order to administer it to patients more quickly. The packaging is done using automated systems that fill several syringes or bags at the same time.

– There are established requirements for quality control when drugs are prepared through such a process and therefore many customers are looking for suitable systems to be able to verify the pharmacy prepared bulk package. Manufacturers of robots that fill syringes and infusion bags were also very interested in our solutions, as quality control is a prerequisite for customers to be able to start using their technology.

With Pharmacolog Dashboard, you have released your first software product. Can you tell us a little about what led to the development of this product?

– There are essentially two reasons why we are launching Pharmacolog Dashboard. The first is to make it easier for our customers to get a good overview of their quality control work and the tests they conduct. The second is that we see great business opportunities in offering our customers additional services and software-based features that facilitate their work.

– Because our products are connected to the cloud, we can easily and cost-effectively offer advanced services such as expert support, analysis of deviations, preventive support… and the opportunities do not stop there.

What interest did you see in Pharmacolog Dashboard during EAHP?

– Pharmacolog Dashboard attracted a lot of interest and appreciation. Being able to get a comprehensive overview of the quality control work related to the preparation of important medication makes it considerably easier for pharmacists working in hospital pharmacies.  

As for the new hardware platform, what does it mean besides the fact that you can now produce higher volumes?

– By developing the new hardware platform, we have improved the design and updated a number of key components of the system to future-proof the platform. At the same time, we have reviewed the cost and made some adjustments to improve our margins.

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