5 Essential Questions for the Healthcare Management

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Healthcare requires hard decisions on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that mistakes are being made due to an often stressful environment. That’s where we and new technology comes in.

Our mission is to bring the safety issues at hospitals and wards around the world into the light and help to create a more efficient and safe overall healthcare environment. Here are 5 essential questions about medication safety for any healthcare management to consider:

  1. How do you make sure that the medication as well as the dosage is right before it’s given to the patient, in intravenous medication?
  2. What safety standards do you have at your wards and how do you live up to them?
  3. Do you have no interruption-zones around the medication dispensing space and drug preparation areas?
  4. When mistakes are being made by someone in your staff – who cares for the caretaker?
  5. Do you consider the safety culture on your workplace to be sufficient, and if not, what could make it better?

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