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”It falls on us technology providers to lead the way within integrated compounding solutions”

Hello Lars Gusch, Development Manager. Could you tell us about your background and why you’ve chosen this field of occupation?

I have worked in the medical device sector my entire career, covering almost all aspects of the lifecycle of a medical product. I got my start as an application engineer for image guided surgery systems at BrainLAB right after finishing my studies in 1999. Shortly afterwards, I dived deeper into product support for the spinal navigation systems of the company, managing service and quality assurance for that product line.

My work as application specialist for BrainLAB and Nucletron brought me to Sweden, where I live with my family near Uppsala, one of the strongholds of Swedish medical technology. As Manager of Engineering for the software development department at Elekta, I coordinated the introduction and maintenance of best practice software engineering based on lean and agile methods. The multi-faceted work in an international team also inspired me during my latest assignment as Global After Sales and Support Manager for C-RAD, which brought me back to the more operational level of medical devices.

Now I am very happy for the opportunity to lead Pharmacolog’s development team to greater success.

Pharmacolog are introducing two new product concepts, WasteLog™ and PrepLog™, to address drug control in different integrated environments. What are the main benefits of these new products?

In my view, the introduction of WasteLog™ and PrepLog™ is the next logical step for our product portfolio. Based on the clinically proven DrugLog® technology, we will be able to offer a tailor-made solution for quality control of pharmaceuticals. WasteLog™ and PrepLog™ will both increase efficiency and safety for the individual clinical scenarios, users and patients. As we are developing these solutions in close cooperation with our clinical partners, I am sure that the market will take to them quickly.

The costs of prescription drug diversion and abuse are immense. Even a partial reduction of these costs will have substantial benefit for all involved parties.

What is the most exciting trend at the moment in medication efficacy and safety?

There is a clear demand for even more integrated and tailored solutions as well as methods of evaluating collected data in a comprehensive and meaningful way. Both individual users, patients and health care organizations will benefit from this and I think it falls on us technology providers to lead the way. Pharmacolog products are well-suited for this due to our concepts for integration and data architecture, with individual customization for our clients as the next step.

Drug diversion is another area which will likely continue to see increasing awareness. The costs of prescription drug diversion and abuse are immense, upwards of billions of dollars for both public and private medical insurers. Even a partial reduction of these costs will have substantial benefit for all involved parties. Pharmacolog’s current and future products can play important roles in this sector.

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