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Pharmacolog – growth and increased demand for quality control

This blog post is based on an article published in Swedish in Hälsa & Forskning, Svenska Dagbladet on Feb 7th, 2022.

Authorities in Europe and the US are increasingly demanding safe handling and preparation of pharmaceuticals. Uppsala-based Pharmacolog develops and sells innovative system solutions for healthcare and drug management that meet the new requirements. The company’s solutions, intended to ensure the correct preparation of injectable drugs, improve work efficiency, quality and safety. Now the company, together with its partners, is entering an intense expansion phase in the US, Europe, the Middle East, China and Mexico.

“The pharmaceutical industry is subject to national regulations and European directives where the manufacture of medicines is to take place in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP). GMP always includes a quality step where you check the final product, so-called Quality Control. Today, the quality control system is not sufficiently developed in the preparation of medicines at hospitals and hospital pharmacies, but with the stricter requirements from the authorities, the need for solutions increases. Our systems DrugLog and PrepLog can help all pharmaceutical bodies comply with the stricter regulations,” says Mats Högberg, CEO of Pharmacolog i Uppsala AB.

In addition to an increased demand for quality control systems, the collaboration with Pharmacolog’s two international partners, German B. Braun Group and American Codonics, has resulted in significant growth in 2021.

During the first 9 months of 2021, we increased sales considerably. We have two very competent partners who have carried out extensive launches, which has yielded results. My priority in the organization now is to prepare for a volume increase. We have just appointed a COO to take care of production, supply chain and service, and for the U.S. market we are looking for a product and support specialist.

In the U.S. market, interest in Pharmacolog’s WasteLog system has grown significantly in the fight against the opioid crisis in the country. The increasing use of controlled substances, such as morphine, is a widespread problem. To combat the illegal distribution or misuse of prescription drugs, the national authorities have begun to put enormous pressure on the health care system and introduced requirements for the implementation of Drug Diversion Prevention Programs.

“We can provide a tool that facilitates hospitals’ control of returned narcotic drugs by verifying that they are not diluted or exchanged. Our WasteLog system has unique benefits in managing narcotic waste that simplifies management and auditing.”

Demand is high. In early 2021, Codonics ordered eight systems, and during the year several hospitals in the U.S. ordered WasteLog systems, including the prestigious hospital, NewYork Presbyterian, which is now a major customer.

“During the past year, we have built a strong brand and reinforced our relationship with Codonics, resulting in multiple orders and a strong pipeline. We are now looking forward with great confidence to an exciting 2022,” concludes Mats Högberg.

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