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The 5 steps medication use process - see our film

In today’s healthcare, personalized medication is vital when maximizing treatment efficacy and optimizing patient outcomes. To ensure that each patient receives the correct medication, good manufacturing processes are essential. Solutions that are quick, reliable and easy to use. The 5 steps of the medication use process are diagnosis, prescription, preparations, verifications and administration. Yet objective verification is a missing piece in the process. By adding an integrated tool for quality control of the prepared medication, true verification can be achieved!


“Final verification of the prepared medication is probably the biggest challenge in the 5 step medication use process today, and we need to bring it up to a satisfactory level, for the sake of patient safety. For this, pharmacists and care recipients can rely on the new technology.

The solution is here and already in use. This is the way forward!”

– Mats Högberg, CEO Pharmacolog

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Film production: Richard Öhrn and Komson

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