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Using software increases the safety of medical compounding

Hello Torbjörn Norberg, Product Manager at Pharmacolog. Tell us about your background and what you do at Pharmacolog.

After completing my basic training in microbiology and obtaining my PhD from Karolinska Institutet, I started my industrial career at Pharmacia in 1993. Since then I have been involved in several Swedish and international Life Science companies, including medical technology and in-vitro diagnostics fields. As Product Manager at Pharmacolog I am responsible for all the company products and I also operate as Head of the Support Function.

From your point of view as a product manager. What’s unique about DrugLog®? 

DrugLog® is an elegant, easy-to-use instrument for analyzing liquids in a medical environment. By using DrugLog®, the operator receives confirmation that the measured solution has the desired content and correct concentration.

Thanks to the small size and simple operation of DrugLog®, a reliable liquid analysis can be performed in under a minute in virtually any medical setting.

How are integrated process solutions the future of medication compounding? 

A clear trend within medical compounding is integrating the workflow using software to track and control the process of preparing pharmaceuticals. Through the use of barcodes and liquid analysis, an increase in safety and reduction of errors is achieved. With an integrated solution, human error and other potential sources of erroneously prepared pharmaceuticals is greatly reduced, making sure that all steps are controlled from drug vial to patient.

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