Preparation and Administration of Drugs

In hospital ward departments thera are often a stressful environment. Nurses that have a lot of workload shall also prepare drugs that has been described by the doctor. Compared to do the preparation in the Pharmacy department there are more challenges in a ward department were there are many people and lot of disturbances.

Even if nurses are very experienced to prepare drugs sometimes, especially when critical drugs, it would be nice to have an easy control function when the preparation is ready before it is administered to the patient.

Today quality assurance systems are essential. More and more validation and verification systems are being used. The missing part of all systems today is however the final check. DrugLog is the missing part in all quality systems. It will in an easy way in a couple of seconds tell the person that prepare the drug that the solution is what it supposed to be. Direct after DrugLogtest you also print out a label where it says that you have the right drug in the right concentration. For a ward department it is also a regulatory issue that increase the patient safe level. You can easily go back and look at historical preparations, everything is stored.

The prevalence of medication errors associated with drugs is not exactly known, but incorrect usage of these drugs can cause serious harm for the patients. Therefore extra measures need to be taken to ensure patient safety and prevent medication errors.


With a minimum of effort, users can determine whether a diluted or a compounded drug comprises the right substance at the right concentration.

1. Withdraw
Take a small sample (0.3–0.5 ml) from the prepared solution.

2. Inject
Inject the sample solution into the cuvette.

3. Insert
Place the cuvette in the DrugLog™ unit.

4. Measure
Initiate the test with a few clicks on the touchscreen and view the result within 2–3 seconds.


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