Erik Hedlund


First elected: 2017

Year of birth: 1948

Erik Hedlund has a long career in Ericsson, Siemens Medical and Saab-Scania Combitech, among others before focusing on starting new and developing existing companies, mainly in radiation therapy for cancer. Two of these companies, RaySearch Laboratories AB and C-Rad AB, are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm’s main list. Erik holds a Master of Science in Electrical and Systems Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology and a degree in Economics from Stockholm university.

Independence: Independent of the Company and the Executive Management and independent of major shareholders.

Other Board Assignments: Chairman Nolsterby Invest AB and Chairman Oncodia AB.

Holdings: 11 598 502 shares (indirect). All shares are owned by Nolsterby Invest AB, which is co-owned by Erik Hedlund to 80%.

Photo: Göran Ekeberg

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