Integrated compounding quality control

Tools that help hospital staff feel confident about the medication they prepare not only reduce the risk for error, but also lower stress and help avoid wasting correctly prepared medication due to uncertainty. PrepLog™ provides that level of confidence. An integrated solution compatible with a range of different Medication Management Systems (MMS), the PrepLog™ platform receives requests for testing from the MMS so that quality control of drug preparations can be performed and reported in an automated way.

Integrate prescription software with compounding quality control

PrepLog™ is an innovative, unique product workflow solution based on patented DrugLog™ technology. PrepLog™ is a comprehensive system that integrates Prescription Software or MMS to ensure safe and reliable drug preparations for patients. The integrated PrepLog™ solution automatically receives information about the expected substance and concentration from the prescription system or MMS. The result after the completed measurement is also sent back to the electronic prescription system, MMS or patient record. Underpinning all of this is the well-proven DrugLog™ technology, which guarantees fast and reliable measurements.

Thanks to PrepLog™, patients receive the intended medication – and nothing else.

Key features of PrepLog™

  • Quality-assured workflow for the preparation and control of medication
  • Fully integrated with the Prescription System of choice
  • Results are stored in prescription system or patient record and thus provide full traceability
  • Results in seconds: quick and easy measurements
  • Cloud-based storage of calibrations and measurement data
  • No risk of contamination: tested drug not in contact with measuring device
  • Measurement graphics available for qualitative analysis

Fast, accurate validation

PrepLog™ offers an easy-to-use method for true validation of each chemotherapy dose that is sent to the oncology ward. It connects to local networks which integrate with the Prescription Software of choice, MMS or patient record.

How it works

1. PrepLog™ receives measurement request and builds a work list.

2. Withdraw a small sample (0.3–0.5ml) from the compounded medication, inject into a cuvette and insert into PrepLog™.

3. PrepLog™ verifies that the medication is the correct prescribed drug and correct concentration.

4. Print a label and attach to the medication bag or syringe. The test result is sent to the prescription system for full traceability.

Why PrepLog™?

  • Workflow support for healthcare professionals
  • Consistency in drug preparation
  • Reduced risk for medication errors

Illustration: Komson

Integrated QC reduces the stress of the pharmacy technicians. Knowing that the final preparations will be verified prior to patient administration brings them peace of mind and ensures adherence with GMP for pharmaceutical preparations.
Pierre Yves Renard, Hospital Pharmacist
L’Hôpital Privé du Confluent, Nantes, France
Typically, where manufacture involves a discrete bulk manufacturing step, there is an expectation that finished product testing will be performed. This is likely to include assay and ID confirmation as a minimum.
Medicines & Healthcare products, Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Guidance for ‘specials’ manufacturers, Updated 25 February 2021, Chapter 3.6.16.
More complex products may be considered for analysis, for example those with a reconstitution step, a dilution in a bag, or more complex dilutions for example for filling elastomeric infusers.
NHS Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Committee, QC Chemical Testing of Aseptically Prepared Products, Edition 1, Issued June 2021.



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L’Hôpital Privé du Confluent, Nantes, France

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