Chairman of the Board of Pharmacolog buys warrants of series TO1

Pharmacolog i Uppsala AB (publ) announces that Nolsterby Invest AB, majority owned by Pharmacolog's Chairman of the Board Erik Hedlund, intends to subscribe for its 154,165 allotted warrants and that they have recently purchased another 18,340 warrants of series TO1.

The majority owned Nolsterby Invest AB, majority owned by Pharmacolog AB:s by Chairman of the Board Erik Hedlund, has made a commitment to subscribe for all 154,165 granted options during the subscription period in August. Furthermore, Nolsterby Invest AB announces that they have acquired an additional 18,340 warrants of series TO1. The seller of the warrants was BBD Bridging Business Development AB, owned by Pharmacolog's board member Olof Johansson, and the purchase price was SEK 1.60 per option.

Terms and conditions for warrants of series TO1

Each TO1 series warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one (1) new Series B share in the Company against cash payment corresponding to 70 percent of the volume-weighted average price of the Company's share on Nasdaq First North Growth during the period from July 26, 2021 through on August 6, 2021, however, the lowest price is quota value for Pharmacolog's shares and a maximum of SEK 12.00 per share.

Notification of subscription for shares with the support of warrants of series TO1 takes place during the period from and including 9 August 2021 to and including 20 August 2021. The warrants of series TO1 are traded during the period from and including 28 July 2020 to and including 18 August 2021.

With a maximum allotment and full exercise of warrants of the TO1 series, Pharmacolog can be provided with up to approximately SEK 33.8 million, depending on the subscription price.

For more information contact:

Mats Högberg, CEO

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About Pharmacolog AB

Pharmacolog is specialized in developing systems and solutions for more effective and safer use of intravenous drugs. The company’s first product, DrugLog®, enables a nurse or pharmacist to quickly and easily verify that an injectable drug has the right identity and concentration. Pharmacolog’s long-term vision is an individually optimized medication for each individual patient, considering all available parameters in the control and distribution of the drug. Further information regarding the company is available at The company’s Certified Adviser is Mangold Fondkommission AB, which can be reached on telephone number +46 8-5030 15 50 or through


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