DrugLog® plays a key role at the Uppsala University Hospital

The order for a DrugLog® system from Uppsala University Hospital, which was reported on 6 December, opens a new interesting market segment. The hospital’s DrugLog® system will be used for quality assurance by a drug compounding robot. A system that the Academic Hospital will be the first in Sweden to introduce.

As of February 2019, Uppsala University Hospital will care for all extempore preparations of medical drugs, which was previously handled out by Apoteket AB. Prior to this, the Academic Hospital – as the first hospital in Sweden – has acquired a automatic compounding robot to further improve patient safety, work environment and offer a high level of service to the hospital. DrugLog® will be responsible for the production qualification as the robot needs to be validated using a stand-alone system for quality assurance.

Mattias Paulsson, Pharmacist at the Hospital Pharmacy comments: Introducing a preparation robot means that we reduce the degree of repetitive work and the risk that our employees are accidentally exposed to toxic gases during preparation. Automation also means that traceability increases significantly, which is very positive for patient safety. At the same time, it is of the utmost importance to be able to verify that the robot also maintains an even preparation quality, especially after maintenance work, and that is where DrugLog will play an important role.”

Mats Högberg, CEO Pharmacolog comments. “For a long time, we have collaborated with the Academic Hospital in several areas and find it very gratifying to be able to deliver DrugLog® to the new processing unit. This market segment is new to us, but we already have interesting discussions with several hospitals that are in the process of implementing compounding robots. More and more European pharmacies purchase compounding robots for the preparation of individual medication and need an independent instrument to validate that the robot is doing it right. This is very positive for us as it means additional business opportunities for DrugLog®.”

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Pharmacolog is specialized in developing systems and solutions for more effective and safer use of intravenous drugs. The company’s first product, DrugLog®, enables a nurse or pharmacist to quickly and easily verify that an injectable drug has the right identity and concentration. Pharmacolog’s long-term vision is an individually optimized medication for each individual patient, considering all available parameters in the control and distribution of the drug. Further information regarding the company is available at http://www.pharmacolog.com. The company’s Certified Adviser is Mangold Fondkommission AB, which can be reached on telephone number +46 8-5030 15 50 or through CA@mangold.se.

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