Pharmacolog one step closer to bedside measurement of antibiotic levels

The Academic Hospital has today submitted its final report to Vinnova regarding a project that was run in collaboration with Pharmacolog AB. The aim of the project is to develop a bedside method for determining antibiotic concentration in blood.

The Vinnova project “Bedside measurement of blood plasma antibiotic levels in patients with severe infections” has been run by Uppsala University Hospital together with Pharmacolog AB. The project stated in September 2018 and has now been completed and final report has been sent to Vinnova. The project is part of Vinnova’s national program Medtech4Health. The Academic Hospital states in its report that within the framework of the project they have succeeded in developing methods for sample management and that the clinical prototype developed by Pharmacolog can detect antibiotic overdose, but the precision needs to be improved to detect underdosing.

Torbjörn Norberg, Product Manager and Head of Innovation comments: “It has been a very interesting project and we are very pleased with the good outcome. When treating patients with severe infections, it is crucial to achieve the correct concentration of antibiotics in the patient. Too low a concentration promotes the emergence of resistant bacteria and too high a concentration can be deadly for the patient. We intend to continue our collaboration with the Academic Hospital to further improve the performance of our prototype in order to be able to detect too low concentrations with greater precision.”

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