Pharmacolog's PrepLog® integrated with additional prescription systems

Pharmacolog’s PrepLog® now has a tested and validated integration with the Chimio prescription system from Computer Engineering in France. Chimio is used to prescribe chemotherapy drugs and is the dominating system in France with an 80% market share.

Chimio from Computer Engineering is a dedicated system for managing prescription of cancer drugs. The company was founded in 1991 and is now completely dominant in the French market regarding prescription systems for cytotoxic drugs. Minor adjustments and tests were carried out during the fall with good results, which now means that an integrated quality control solution can be offered in the French market. PrepLog® integration is now undergoing final tests and will be offered to the market in January, the first installation will also take place at a French clinic in January.

The company has already integrated with the Spanish system OncoFarm from IMF, a project that is currently underway together with B. Braun and Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona.

Mats Högberg, CEO, comments: “The opportunity to offer an integrated solution will significantly increase the demand for our solutions. Modern healthcare providers demand systems that provide a clear workflow and that can interact with systems already installed. PrepLog® offers just that, a fully integrated workflow where information about drug and concentration is automatically transferred to the system and the result is documented, not only in PrepLog®, but also in the clinic’s prescription system.”

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Pharmacolog is specialized in developing systems and solutions for more effective and safer use of intravenous drugs. The company’s first product, DrugLog®, enables a nurse or pharmacist to quickly and easily verify that an injectable drug has the right identity and concentration. Pharmacolog’s long-term vision is an individually optimized medication for each individual patient, considering all available parameters in the control and distribution of the drug. Further information regarding the company is available at The company’s Certified Adviser is Mangold Fondkommission AB, which can be reached on telephone number +46 8-5030 15 50 or through

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