Resolutions from the Annual General Meeting 2024 in Pepetua Medcial

The annual general meeting of Perpetua Medical AB (publ) was held on 14 June 2024, at 10.00 a.m. in Clarion Hotel Gillet’s premises at Dragarbrunnsgatan 23, Uppsala. The meeting decided on all proposed matters in accordance with the board’s previously published proposal. Below is a summary of the main decisions that were made.


The English translation of the resolutions is an unofficial translation of the Swedish original. In case of any discrepancies between the Swedish text and the English translation, the Swedish text shall prevail.


Annual report

The Annual General Meeting decided to adopt the the income statement, balance sheet and the income statement for the group and the balance sheet for the group.


Dispose of earnings

It was decided to dispose of the company's earnings in accordance with the Board's proposal.


Discharge from liability

The Annual General Meeting resolved to discharge the CEO from liability. The Annual General Meeting resolved to discharge the Board members Ragnar Linder and Henrik Magnusson Hjort from Liability. The Annual General Meeting resolved not to discharge the Board members Erik Hedlund and Anders Hedlund from liability, as one individual shareholder, representing a majority of the votes on this particular item, voted against discharge. No reason was given for this.


Fees for the board and auditors

The Board fee was set at SEK 150,000 to the Chairman and SEK 100,000 each to the other Board members. Remuneration to the company's auditor was resolved to be paid in accordance with current accounts.

Election of board members and auditor

The Annual General Meeting decided unanimously that the number of ordinary board members shall be four (4) without deputies.

The Annual General Meeting resolved to unanimously re-elect all board members i.e., Erik Hedlund, Ragnar Linder, Henrik Magnusson Hjort, and Anders Hedlund. Re-election of Erik Hedlund as chairman of the board was decided.

The Annual General Meeting resolved unanimously to re-elect the registered audit firm Folkesson Råd & Revision AB with Sten Eriksson as the main responsible auditor.

Issue authorizations

The general meeting resolved to authorize the board, on one or more occasions, for the period until the next annual general meeting, to decide on the issuance of shares, warrants, and/or convertible instruments. The board shall be able to decide on issuance with deviation from shareholders' preferential rights and/or with provisions for non-cash issue or set-off. The board shall be able to make decisions resulting in an increase in share capital up to the limit for share capital according to the articles of association that exists when the authorization to issue shares is first utilized.

Issuance in accordance with this authorization shall be made on market terms. The board shall be entitled to determine the other terms for issuances under this authorization and who shall have the right to subscribe for the shares, warrants, and/or convertible instruments.


For more information:

For more information please contact:

Anders Hedlund, vd, tel: 070-952 09 12 or via


Certified Adviser

The company’s Certified Adviser is:

Mangold Fondkommission AB som nås på telefonnummer 08-5030 15 50 or via


About Perpetua Medical AB

Perpetua Medical's ambition is to become a serial acquirer of profitable companies in the healthcare sector. The company's assessment is that a decentralized ownership model, where operations and decision-making take place in independent subsidiaries, creates the best conditions for value creation. The company name Perpetua (the Latin word for eternal) reflects the strategy of acquiring companies to own them and without any fixed time horizon.


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