Pharmacolog takes the next step towards bedside analysis of antibiotic levels

Pharmacolog AB, together with Uppsala University Hospital and Skåne University Hospital in Malmö, has initiated the next step towards developing a system for rapid determination of the antibiotic concentration in the blood of patients treated for severe infection.

Pharmacolog has for a number of years conducted a development collaboration with the Department of Surgical Sciences and the Department of Medical Sciences at Uppsala University. The collaboration concerns the development of methods and technology for bedside determination of the antibiotic concentration in the blood of patients undergoing treatment for severe infection. The goal is to use Pharmacolog’s unique spectroscopic technology to measure antibiotic levels in separated blood plasma. The parties have now begun a second phase in the development collaboration and expanded to include bedside measurements at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö. For the study two systems for plasma separation, AcouWash™, from the company AcouSort AB in Lund, will also be used.

In 2021, AcouSort and Pharmacolog conducted studies that demonstrated that AcouSort’s technology for blood plasma separation is suitable to combine with Pharmacolog’s measurement technology to enable direct measurement of the antibiotic concentration in the plasma fraction from blood samples. The results of the experiments were very positive and showed that AcouSort’s acoustic separation technology provides a better and more stable quality of the plasma compared to other methods.

The purpose of the study, which has just begun, is to validate measurement results produced in a clinical environment using Pharmacolog’s technology, where plasma separation of samples from patients undergoing treatment has been performed using AcouSort’s system.

Mats Högberg, CEO of Pharmacolog comments: “Our long and fruitful collaboration with Uppsala University and the University Hospital is now, strengthened with Skåne University Hospital, entering the next exciting phase. Proper antibiotic treatment with an adequate dose is crucial for the treatment to have the intended effect. As there are currently no methods in routine healthcare to quickly analyze the concentration of antibiotics in blood, a large proportion of patient’s risk receiving an inadequate dose. Consequently, the optimal effect of the treatment is not achieved. The development of effective methods for bedside determination of antibiotic levels in blood is therefore very important and can in the long run, contribute to a more efficient use of antibiotics and reduced risk of developing antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains.”


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