UW Health orders two WasteLog™ systems

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, UW Health, has ordered two WasteLog™ systems for their Madison campuses. The Drug Diversion Prevention team at UW Health will be conducting an evaluation with the first two units to determine the best practices and workflow. The successful evaluation will lead to additional WasteLog™ orders for various facilities within UW Health.

WasteLog™ will primarily be used for the verification of injectable controlled substance waste from the high risk and high use areas in the facility. Control of drug waste is a vital part of controlling Drug Diversion, a growing issue within the US Healthcare systems.

The WasteLog™ system will also be used for a pilot program with Heliometrics. All the results data from WasteLog™ will be electronically provided to Heliometrics to be included in the algorithms they have in place for detecting drug diversion. This provides an additional missing datapoint for the analytics.

“This WasteLog™ order provides an opportunity for Pharmacolog to be part of a prestigious University Hospital System and provide valuable data to enhance the customer’s diversion prevention program” says Steve Maiorano, Sales Director, Pharmacolog USA Inc.

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About Pharmacolog

Pharmacolog provides solutions and products that enhance work efficiency and safety when preparing injectable medication. Our goal is to help prevent medication errors and ensure maximum medication efficacy when treating patients with powerful yet potentially harmful injectable drugs. Pharmacolog’s products help staff at pharmacies and hospital wards minimize the risk of errors in the compounding process. Furthermore, by verifying that drugs and narcotics used in surgery have not been tampered with, our solutions also make a vital contribution to preventing drug diversion.

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