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Hospital management face the constant challenge of providing the best possible healthcare with limited means. Keeping control of the cost and deliver the high-level care with existing resources is difficult in the demanding environment of modern healthcare.

The introduction of complex treatment schemes and new specialized drugs puts an increasing demand on hospital staff like nurses, doctors and pharmacists not to make mistakes. Medication errors can not only be fatal for the patient but also mean negative publicity for the institution as well involve costly legal proceedings.

Today there are solutions that can assist healthcare staff in the medication process. DrugLogis a fast and cost-efficient device that quickly ensures that the prepared medication have the right concentration and the right identity. Having access to DrugLogat the hospital pharmacy or at the ward greatly reduce the risk of compounding mistakes and other medication errors.


Why DrugLog™?

  • Workflow support for healthcare professionals
  • Consistency in drug preparation
  • Reduced risk for medication errors


DrugLog™ can verify the identity and concentration of liquid pharmaceuticals in an instant, directly before they’re given to patients. It enhances work efficiency and raises medication safety.

DrugLog™ is an excellent complement to the already high safety standards of medical compounding performed at hospital pharmacies. Most cytotoxic drugs used in cancer treatment are individually prepared at the hospital pharmacy. Yet even in the hands of an experienced professional, the risk of error is always present. Furthermore, the complexity of medical compounding demands extra precautions be taken. DrugLog™ provides exactly this.

In addition to hospital pharmacies, a significant number of drugs are prepared by nurses and technicians on the ward, a sometimes stressful environment that can lead to errors being made. Tools that help hospital staff feel confident about the medication they prepare not only reduce the risk for error, but also lower stress and help avoid correctly prepared medication being disposed of due to uncertainty. DrugLog™ provides that level of confidence.

Controlled substances that remain unopened after a completed surgical procedure need to be returned to the pharmacy. Similarly, opened but unused substances must be discarded. A quick test with DrugLog™ will instantly verify a solution’s identity and concentration, thereby ensuring that it has not been tampered with. Using DrugLog™ in your return procedure or waste disposal stream will thus help prevent attempts to divert controlled substances to illicit and inappropriate use.

DrugLog™ is a valuable complement to the work performed by nurses, pharmacists and physicians. Its built-in computer can be connected to local networks for integrating with existing records, as well as with other related databases.


DrugLog™ is a unique combination of cutting-edge software and reliable well-established hardware for absorption spectroscopy. With a minimum of effort, users can determine whether a diluted or a compounded drug comprises the right substance at the right concentration.

1. Withdraw
Take a small sample (0.3–0.5 ml) from the prepared solution.

2. Inject
Inject the sample solution into the cuvette.

3. Insert
Place the cuvette in the DrugLog™ unit.

4. Measure
Initiate the test with a few clicks on the touchscreen and view the result within 2–3 seconds.

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